Southern Lotus Yoga Class Descriptions 

Slow Flow & Yin 

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A perfect class to end the day - an all levels slow flowing practice to help work off stress followed by Yin poses (deep stretching) to help release tension. (ALL LEVELS)

Align & Refine

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Want to know more? Here's a class where we go a little deeper into an aspect of your yoga practice. Class can include a closer look into individual asanas (postures) and their alignment, groups of asanas, anatomy or other topics related to creating a sustainable yoga practice. Each class is like a mini-workshop. (ALL LEVELS)


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Relieve stress and find serenity. Class uses gentle stretching and restorative poses to help bring about deep relaxation and rejuvenate the soul. (ALL LEVELS)

Gentle Chair Yoga 

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A yoga class designed to work the full range of motion of the spine and other joints while improving muscle strength, breath capacity, and stamina to enhance overall well-being. Practice includes seated poses, supported standing and balancing poses.

This class is appropriate for beginners, students with limited mobility, seniors, students with knee, wrists, ankle or balance issues. CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED - please sign up on-line or call us at (678) 961-5937

Morning Yoga 

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A great class centered around Sun Salutations with flowing movements to strengthen and stretch the entire body for a balanced and energized way to start your day. Good for all levels with some yoga experience.


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Focuses on practicing key poses, sun salutations, learning common vinyasa transitions and linking movement with the breath. Class helps to build strength and improve flexibility. Experience with yoga poses and alignment needed for this class preferred.

Flow Foundations 

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When you've been coming to Basics and have knowledge of the poses. this class will help you learn the basic sun salutations, transitions to develop skills to link the movement with the breath to Flow (Vinyasa).

Warm Flow 

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A vigorous practice designed to make you sweat complete with powerful flowing sequences meant to challenge you and your existing practice. Class will build strength, improve endurance and energize you. This class is not recommended for beginners and/ or those who not have substantial experience in a yoga asanas (postures).

Core, Stretch & Relax

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A class designed in three parts: the first part works on building muscle strength-especially in the core, the second part focuses on stretching muscles to improve range of motion, and the final part of class is designed to bring about relaxation. This class is 70 minutes in length. Core & More is a 60 minute class providing the same benefits.

Yoga & Meditation

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A yoga class that includes breath work and meditation to create a well-rounded practice.

Basics & More

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A well-rounded class that's excellent for beginners who want to learn the foundational poses of yoga or experienced practitioners who want to focus on alignment and strengthen their skills. (ALL LEVELS)

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