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Lara Worsham


Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

Born and raised in Atlanta, I have been practicing yoga for more than 15 years and began a dedicated daily practice in 2012. After spending many years as a corporate executive and six years as a classroom teacher, my practice inspired me to follow my heart and start a career teaching yoga.

Through yoga, I learned how to use my breath to connect my mind, body and spirit and find more joy in the present moment. Yoga teaches me not to take myself too seriously and practicing yoga helps to keep me grounded and open to the world and experiences around me. Yoga ignited a passion in me for fitness and health. I also enjoy hiking, biking and other outdoor activities. In 2015, I started Southern Lotus Yoga to share my passion and the benefits of yoga with others in a nurturing and caring community. I was blessed to spend the first part of 2016, traveling and studying in India, the birthplace of yoga.

I obtained my RYT 200 certification in 2014 and my RYT 500 Advanced Yoga certification in 2017 from Asheville Yoga Center. My training has included courses in Yoga for Trauma, with the Veteran's Yoga Project, Yoga as Therapy with Doug Keller,  Viniyoga with Gary Kraftsow, and Yin Yoga, Meditation, Restorative Yoga and Flow. In 2016, I also attended Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee. Recently, I've completed training in Foundations of Yoga for Mental Health with Ashley Turner. In addition, I am a certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor and a certified Level 1 Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor trained by James Bailey, LAc, Dipl AYU, E-RYT through the Sevanti Institute.

I enjoy teaching beginners and am passionate about building and mentoring communities of compassion while helping students become more aware of their bodies. This awareness comes from a focus on alignment and their breath during practice. I love working with seniors and people with physical challenges or focusing practices on an individual's needs through privates or small segment classes like Yoga for Tennis. Working with developing new teachers in both Yoga Teacher Training and offering apprenticeships to teachers bring me great joy. My classes are influenced by my practice and love of Viniyoga and meditation and include Basics, Chair Yoga, Align & Refine, Yoga & Meditation and Core & Pelvic Floor. As a holistic nutrition and health coach, I work individually with clients to help them create a rounded wellness plan or to target specific concerns. I'm dedicated to helping women navigate mid-life and beyond with passion, joy and vitality through coaching, yoga, Ayurveda, holistic health, and community support including offering monthly women's circles.

Pam Buckner

RYT 200

My love of yoga started 15 years ago when I started taking classes about 3 times a week. I loved how yoga made me feel, the strength it gave me and how I always left class feeling more open and alive. Over time it helped me de-stress and become more present. I loved practicing with others and feeling a part of a community where our practice was not a competition, but we all were there just to feel better. At the time I was teaching elementary school and loved it but found that it was a stressful job. I needed to do something for my body and to let go of worry. I found that at yoga.  

After retiring from teaching elementary school in 2012 after 34 years, I started taking more and more classes, and loved it!  Quite frankly, I simply fell in love with the way yoga made me feel.  I decided to go to teaching training to share my passion for yoga with others. I received my 200 RYT certification in 2014 from Emme Yoga. In 2015 I attended Childlight Yoga’s Children’s yoga and became a certified Level 1 ChildLight Yoga teacher. I have continued my education at the Asheville Yoga Center where I am presently working on my 500 RYT Certification.  I have taken Restorative Teacher trining and Senior Yoga. Through Yoga International’s I have received Anatomy and Restorative training as well. I love to learn and look forward too many more training sessions in the future. 

I have been married to a wonderful man for 43 years. I have one son and a 5-year-old grandson. My grandson reminds me by his presence to find joy in all things that you do. 

For myself I know that my yoga practice will allow me to always be able to enjoy life and do whatever I choose to do, no matter what my age is. 

My philosophy is that yoga is for everyone, every shape, and every age. Yoga encourages me to slow down and not just rush through life. When we do take the time to be present in the moment, we realize how truly blessed we are and experience gratitude. In my classes I strive to create a community feeling where we can all experience the joy of practicing yoga.

Sabrina Isdell
RYT 200

As a high school biology teacher, I first discovered yoga 8 years ago looking for a way to de-stress and relax from the work day. Yoga taught me how to calm my mind through the power of my breath. Practicing the asanas with proper body alignment gave me strength and flexibility that I’ve never experienced before. Regular yoga practice became my outlet for not only settling my mind and strengthening my body, but spiritually I felt lighter and more comfortable in my own skin. Through the practice, I have gained body awareness and awareness of self which has positively impacted the way I connect and interact with other people. I am a happier, healthier better person because of yoga.

My philosophy of yoga is that it is a practice. You have to show up on your mat to reap the true benefits. Yoga is not a competition, it does not matter what the person in front of you can do. Yoga makes you confront your true fears and limitations and waits for you to respond. You can give up, quit, or run away or you can face the challenges that lie ahead. Listen to your body and accept the place where you are, so that you can allow yourself room to grow from each experience when you try. In order to attain physical, mental, and spiritual happiness, you have to do the practice.

I obtained my RYT200 yoga teacher certification in 2014 from Emme Yoga. I am currently practicing the Ashtanga yoga method and enjoy teaching Vinyasa flow classes. I completed a second teacher certification in Ashtanga Yoga from Balance Yoga in 2019. As a teacher by profession, I’m always excited to share new things that I am passionate about and I’m elated to share the teachings of this ancient art with my future yoga students.

Beth Healy

RYT 200

I discovered yoga a decade ago during a time of anxiety and unhealthy habits in my life. The classes I have attended, the books I have read, and the teachers I have worked with over the years, all helped me build physical, and mental strength and flexibility. My yoga practice balances my mind, body, and spirit like nothing else. 

In 2016, I took the opportunity to begin to study and work with Lara Worsham at Southern Lotus, which led to earning my RYT 200 certification with YogaWorks in Atlanta in spring of 2018. With yoga, there is always more to learn, and I am excited to be gaining teaching experience and knowledge in Flow, Basics, and Yin yoga. My classes are focused - but open-hearted and fun! I'm continuing my studies working on my Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at the Asheville Yoga Center. 

Yoga meets us wherever we are each day. Sometimes we find we can meet a new challenge with ease, while some days it's all we can do to show up. No matter what, yoga can help us find the stillness and strength we each have inside. 

Teaching allows me to share the benefits and philosophy of yoga with the community. Men and women of all ages, activity levels, and lifestyles practice yoga!  I look forward to helping my students learn more about their own capabilities and find the calm and clarity that yoga can bring to life.

Karen Chambers

RYT 200

The journey that led me to yoga was one to find health when I realized I needed to heal myself from aching joints and digestive problems. I strongly believe the mind is a very powerful thing and self-healing is worth the journey. I started learning about nutrition and exercise. After eating better, going to my chiropractor, and getting physically active. I started to feel better. However, something was missing. Alas, Yoga! I began practicing Yoga in 2014 when I stumbled upon it after attending TRX (suspension training) classes that just happened to be in a yoga studio. I began to see positive changes it made in my life. The more I practiced the more I wanted to learn about yoga and a desire to share all the great benefits of yoga with others begin to develop. I decided to take time from my regular sedentary clerical job to complete my 200-hour Yoga teacher training. I received my certification at Asheville Yoga Center in June of 2018.
I want to thank all my teachers, their belief in themselves and in me has taken me on this beautiful path of teaching yoga. I hope to deepen my student’s practice and make them aware that by working diligently they will be more flexible, stronger, empowered and calm. The great thing about yoga is that it’s available to all, and I aim to create a safe space for students to be present with themselves.

Gwyn Mathis
RYT 200

For the last 17 years I have been practicing yoga but have truly dedicated myself to practice in the last eight.  I have been a recreational runner my entire life and began yoga to find physical strength in areas not afforded by running. Yoga was the missing piece and my physical fitness found balance! The biggest surprise for me was how the practice fed my mind and spirit! I could move in grace, find focus and calm while being physically challenged.

I have been a veterinarian for over 33 years. It is a stressful and emotionally draining profession and though I love it, life and loss can push us to our breaking point. I found in time, if I could just make it to yoga class I would be renewed. I know no better way to describe it than it was as if I arrived to class with an empty cup and left with it filled! Yoga was a gift for me and because it has meant so much in my life, I truly wanted to be able to share it with others.  

As a yoga instructor, I want to honor the excellent teachers I have had as well as past teachers of this ancient practice. It is my goal to teach with honesty and integrity, to always be a student as well as an instructor and to lead students safely on their own yoga journey. Yoga is for every body! The beauty of this practice is that everyone's path will be different and unique to them and there is no one and only way. I see my role as a guide to help students practice safely and to discover on their own what yoga has to offer. I believe if a student shows up on their mat regularly with an open heart and an open mind (and a little sense of humor), while listening to and honoring their own bodies, they will discover the gifts of body awareness, health, mental clarity and peace.

In 2014, I was fortunate enough to earn my RYT200 certification through Emme Yoga. I love teaching beginners, alignment based classes as well as vinyasa flow. I have an interest in yoga for athletes, and am a certified Yin Yoga teacher. I regularly maintain my own home practice and find challenge in attending studio based classes in Ashtanga and vinyasa flow.

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